Asset Management

Our services prioritise efficiency, reliability, and peak performance to help you maximise asset value.

Optimising the balance between risk management, operational efficiency, and expenditure for your rail assets.

We focus on the entire asset lifecycle, providing detailed condition assessments, proactive maintenance planning, risk mitigation, and advanced technology integration for real-time monitoring and data-driven decision making.

Expertise in Asset Management services

Rail systems are complex and require meticulous attention to asset performance and maintenance due to their critical role. Our services address the unique challenges and priorities of rail entities.

Asset Planning
Asset Management Framework / Strategy
Asset Standards
Asset Criticality Reviews
Asset Class Strategy and Plans
Corridor Strategy and Plans
Reliability Centered Maintenance
Asset Performance
Lifecycle Cost/Benefit Analysis
Maintenance Strategy and Resourcing
OPEX/CAPEX Estimation and Forecasting
Asset Renewal Programs and Workbanks Development
Asset Management
Maintenance Management
Maintenance Standards / Procedures Development
Inspections and Maintenance Plans
Condition Assessments and Monitoring
Annual Works Plan Development and Delivery Management
Asset Registers Management
Reliability Assessments
Diagnostic Inspections
Faults / Trends Analysis
Maintainability Assessments
Asset Acquisition
Asset Integration
Due Diligence Studies
Residual Life Assessments
Asset Utilisation Studies
Asset Disposal
Redeployment / Cascading of Assets
Obsolescence Studies
Obsolescence management
Asset Replacement
Asset Retirement

Other Services

Rail and transport systems are intricate and interconnected. It’s why you need expert partners who can understand and manage complexity at every stage of the journey. That’s where we come in.

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