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Trusted partner for transport infrastructure services

IRE delivers sound advice on projects that brings together expertise and experience.

The end-to-end project management experience of our consultants enables continuity of the same team through the project’s life-cycle, providing invaluable retention of a team’s experience and knowledge.

We offer experienced project teams which foresee and capitalise on opportunities and avoid downstream issues while never losing focus on the project’s objectives and benefits. Engineering, safety, environmental, and operational needs are customised so that stakeholder and community standards are upheld.

Our end-to-end project management ensures quality outcomes and includes expertise in:

  • Project Leadership and Superintendence
  • Contract Management
  • Construction Management
  • Rail interface management
  • Project engineering and Site engineering support
  • Quality assurance
  • Shut down planning, handback and handover
  • Completions management
  • Rail access management
  • Surveillance
  • Planning and implementation of safe-working
  • Management of change
  • Operational interface management
  • Operational readiness planning and management

Navjot Chhabra


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Principal/General Manager

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Senior Associate

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